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Franken v. Coleman: Daily Updated Recount Tally

16 December 2008: With Coleman leading by fewer than 200 votes in an unfinished race, the Minnesota State Canvassing Board begins reviewing challenged ballots December 16. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie hopes to conclude the count by December 19, however, with the matter of incorrectly rejected absentee ballots unsettled at this point, this goal may not … Continue reading

Franken v. Coleman: Recount Update

At the time of this writing, 15.9% of the votes have been officially recounted in Minnesota’s US Senate race between Norm Coleman (R) and Al Franken (D). The Coleman campaign has gone from 195,708 votes as of November 4, to 195,638 votes. The Franken campaign recount reports 180,923 votes, compared to 180,950 on November 4. … Continue reading

Franken v. Coleman: The Recount

Minnesotans still do not know who they will send to the U.S. Senate in January – Al Franken or Norm Coleman. With a mere 206 votes standing between the two candidates, Minnesota law requires a recount which is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, November 20, one day after the State Canvassing Board certifies the machine … Continue reading


US Senate: Norm Coleman-R 42% (Franken-D 41%) (Barkley-IP 15%). NO WINNER DECLARED. (See here for details on the recount.) The Senate race was close with Franken leading much of the time. Joe Bodell at Minnesota Campaign Report had this to say around midnight: “I’ve looked at the remaining Senate numbers — and there’s reason for … Continue reading