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Minnesota Caucus 2010 – Straw Poll Results

With 99.85% of precincts reporting to the MN DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) Party, straw poll results in the governor’s race are as follows: Rybak 21.67% Kelliher 20.05% Uncommitted 14.71% Marty 9.56% Rukavina 7.23% Thissen 7.20% Entenza 6.83% Bakk 6.36% Kelley 4.14% (NOTE: Steve Kelley has dropped from the race.) Gaertner 2.06% Savior .10% Montez .08% There are … Continue reading

The Great Minnesota Governor’s Race 2010 – Caucus Night Preview

February 2, 2010 is caucus night in Minnesota and caucuses officially convene at 7:00 p.m. With so many gubernatorial candidates on the preference ballots, voters might be as yet undecided as to whom they think should be Minnesota’s next governor. In a previous post, I’ve noted and quoted the DFL candidates from the November 24, … Continue reading

Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women by Harriet Reisen

Although Louisa May Alcott is best known for her beloved novel, Little Women, Harriet Reisen’s biography “Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women” reminds us how vast Alcott’s body of work is and offers a sometimes-surprising portrait of the author. Who knew that Alcott wrote semi-erotic stories to pay the bills or that she … Continue reading