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David vs. Goliath in Minnesota’s Third (Meffert vs. Paulsen)

Having strayed from his promise to legislate moderately, as his predecessor Jim Ramstad did, Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) has proven himself to be a friend to the fringe, and anything but moderate.  Paulsen won the seat in 2008 by 7.63% when Jim Ramstad retired.  Notably, the Independent candidate received 10.56% of the total vote proving … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann’s Mouthpiece Says, “It’s not the Walter Cronkite Era…”

And he’s right about that, if not much else.  At the Minnesota State Fair, radio personality Jason Lewis from KTLK told CNN’s Gary Tuchman that “it’s not the Walter Cronkite era anymore…you don’t need the gatekeepers.” He claims one is no longer “stifled” if they don’t “do”  major news outlets like the New York Times. … Continue reading