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The Great Minnesota Governor’s Race 2010 – Uncommitted DFL Delegates

Citing himself too far behind Mayor Minneapolis Rybak and Speaker of the House Kelliher to catch up given the many as-yet uncommitted delegates, Rep. Tom Bakk has dropped out of Minnesota’s gubernatorial race. In an interview on March 20, 2010 in Duluth Bakk said he didn’t have the time the break through to those delegates. … Continue reading

Minnesota’s CD3 Race: Meffert and Hackett to Debate March 20, 2010

When Jim Ramstad (MN-R) retired his congressional seat in the third district, Erik Paulsen (R) campaigned as a Ramstad-clone and won the seat in 2008. He promised to lead in the same bi-partisan way Ramstad had for 18 years. A moderate Republican, Paulsen’s predecessor supported a woman’s right to choose, stem-cell research, gay rights (although … Continue reading