Wall St. vs. Main St.

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At almost 4:00 p.m. today, after Rep. Debra Kiel (R-Crookston) introduced a bill regarding colored lights on collector vehicles, Rep. Debra Hillstrom (DFL-Brooklyn Center) had apparently had enough of Republican time-wasting tactics on the floor of the Minn. House of Representatives and said: “Mr. Speaker and members, we are just days away from adjournment. There … Continue reading

MN GOP Budget Proposal Disproportionately Squeezes Middle Class

  “The bottom line, Members, is that a middle-class job is a middle-class job. What you are doing in your state budget is continuing to squeeze the middle class, and over and over again we’ve asked, “What role in actually solving our challenges, our state deficit, are the richest Minnesotans going to play in your … Continue reading

Wall Street vs. Main Street: “We’re Not Going to Let This Go” — Al Franken

From the desk of Senator Al Franken (D-MN): “We were all shocked by what happened in Wisconsin Wednesday night. Eighteen Republican state senators broke faith with the people who elected them. They broke their word. They may have even broken the law. They wanted to bust public sector unions — the last line of defense … Continue reading

(WI-GOV) Wall Street vs. Main Street: Republican Class Warfare