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The Most Democratic Branch: How the Courts Serve America by Jeffrey Rosen

When I was given a copy of Jeffrey Rosen’s book, The Most Democratic Branch: How the Courts Serve America, I figured I was in for a hit piece on either the right or the left for damage done to our country through manipulation of the U.S. Supreme Court. Instead, Rosen draws on a number of landmark … Continue reading

Dutton’s is out and Borders is…what?

The heavy weight on my mind these days is that of the brick-and-mortar bookstore – and not just the small ones where you (used to) go to visit the owner as much as to buy books. The sad demise of the bookstore began long before the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader arrived on the … Continue reading

Clinton and Obama: Is it over yet?

After last night’s primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, Senator Barack Obama gained enough delegates to put him only 183 away, including pledged superdelegates, from securing the democratic nomination. Senator Hillary Clinton needs 324.5, including her pledged superdelegates, which is mathematically impossible. Yet, on her way to West Virginia, where she has vowed to continue … Continue reading

And then there was Tesla…

“God said let Tesla be…and all was light.” – B.A. Behrendt It is rumored that in 1899, then U.S. Patent Commissioner Charles H. Duell said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Samantha Hunt’s new novel creatively juxtaposes this idea with its own clever title, The Invention of Everything Else. Part history, part love … Continue reading

An Interview with Author Lisa See

THE BOOK: As the young women of 17th century China were drawn to the famous opera, The Peony Pavilion, author Lisa See was drawn to the 17th century text, The Three Wives’ Commentary, “the first book of its kind, having been written by women, to have been published anywhere in the world.” The fruit of … Continue reading