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MN GOP Budget Proposal Disproportionately Squeezes Middle Class

  “The bottom line, Members, is that a middle-class job is a middle-class job. What you are doing in your state budget is continuing to squeeze the middle class, and over and over again we’ve asked, “What role in actually solving our challenges, our state deficit, are the richest Minnesotans going to play in your … Continue reading

Mark Dayton (D), Tom Horner (IP) and Tom Emmer (T/R): Winners in the MN Gubernatorial Primary

Tom Horner (IP) and Tom Emmer (T/R) took immediate respective leads in Minnesota’s gubernatorial primary on August 10, 2010, and held fast. But the Democratic race was a bit more exciting. After establishing the initial lead, Spkr. Margaret Anderson-Kelliher slowly but surely gave way to the Iron Range strength of Mark Dayton who took the … Continue reading