Franken v. Coleman

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The Great Minnesota Governor’s Race 2010 – Norm Coleman

After dragging Minnesotans through the most expensive senatorial race in history in 2008, it seems unlikely that former Senator Norm Coleman would expect voters to rally around him again. Yet, former Republican Rep. Vin Weber says “he’s certainly thinking about it” and claims that Coleman is “getting a lot of people telling him he ought … Continue reading

Franken Wins Again; Coleman Concedes

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled today that Al Franken is the rightful, legal winner of Minnesota’s US Senate race. Just minutes ago, Norm Coleman made a statement congratulating Sen. Franken, acknowledging that continued lawsuits would only hurt Minnesota. Rumors on the street in Washington DC had earlier suggested that Coleman would have the support of Republicans … Continue reading

Coleman v. Franken: Supreme Court Documents Due May 15

On Monday, April 20, Norm Coleman filed an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court in an effort to overturn recount results – and a court decision – which found Al Franken the winner of the Senate race. Franken’s attorneys filed a motion on April 21 requesting that Coleman’s arguments and documents be presented to the … Continue reading

Coleman v. Franken: Judges Rule in Franken’s Favor on April 13 (with full text of the order)

Last night, the judges presiding over Norm Coleman’s lawsuit against Al Franken released their Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order for Judgment (full text below) wherein they officially dismissed Coleman’s claims with prejudice and declared Franken “the party to the contest who received the highest number of votes legally cast in the 2008 … Continue reading

Coleman v. Franken: Franken Wins – Again

During a tedious process in St. Paul, MN this morning, 351 previously rejected ballots were counted in the race for US Senate between Minnesotans Al Franken (D) and Norm Coleman (R). The result of this latest count increases Franken’s lead to 312, legally (and exhaustively) enough to have him declared the winner of the Minnesota … Continue reading

Coleman v. Franken: Judges Allow up to 400 Additional Ballots

Just this afternoon, District Court Judges Elizabeth A. Hayden, Kurt J. Marben and Denise D. Reilly ordered the delivery of the following 400 ballots/applications/envelopes to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State by noon the 6th of April, 2009: “The absentee ballot return envelopes for the individuals identified in Exhibit A [394 beginning on … Continue reading

Coleman v. Franken: Failure of Proof?

With the Franken campaign resting its case last week, the three-judge election panel is about to begin final deliberation of Norm Coleman’s appeal to overturn Franken’s 225-vote victory in the US Senate election. His lawsuit, filed January 6, 2009, alleged that upon conducting a formal recount, the Minnesota State Canvassing Board erroneously declared Al Franken … Continue reading

Franken v. Coleman: Make that Coleman v. Franken (Franken Wins, Coleman Sues)

After a generally well done, if at times contentious, hand recount of the votes in Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race, the State Canvassing Board declared that Al Franken received 225 more votes than Republican incumbent Norm Coleman on the 5th of January, 2009. Although Franken’s attorney, Marc Elias, asked for a certification of the election so Franken … Continue reading

Franken v. Coleman: Daily Updated Recount Tally

16 December 2008: With Coleman leading by fewer than 200 votes in an unfinished race, the Minnesota State Canvassing Board begins reviewing challenged ballots December 16. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie hopes to conclude the count by December 19, however, with the matter of incorrectly rejected absentee ballots unsettled at this point, this goal may not … Continue reading

Franken v. Coleman: Recount Update

At the time of this writing, 15.9% of the votes have been officially recounted in Minnesota’s US Senate race between Norm Coleman (R) and Al Franken (D). The Coleman campaign has gone from 195,708 votes as of November 4, to 195,638 votes. The Franken campaign recount reports 180,923 votes, compared to 180,950 on November 4. … Continue reading