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Franken v. Coleman: October Poll Update

(photo courtesy Jeff Wheeler, StarTribune) BREAKING FROM OCT. 30 PRINCETON SURVEY RESEARCH ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL: Franken 43%, Coleman 34%, Barkley 18% October 31, 2008, MPR/UofM: Franken 41%, Coleman 37%, Barkley 17% October 30, 2008, Public Policy Poll: Franken 45%, Coleman 40%, Barkley 14% October 29, 2008, University of Wisconsin: Franken 40.2%, Coleman 34.2%, Barkley 15.1% October 27-28, 2008, … Continue reading

Franken V. Coleman: Just the Facts

Employee Free Choice Act (“EFCA”): Franken supports the EFCA because its passage would preserve employees’ ability to form unions. Coleman opposes the EFCA. Union members support the EFCA. Michael Whitney, SEIU member and organizer, recently wrote: “The point of contention for CEOs looking to protect themselves in Coleman’s second term is the Employee Free Choice Act, a … Continue reading

Franken v. Coleman: The 18% Barkley Factor and What’s at Stake

With just 14 days to election day, and absentee ballots already being processed in the state of Minnesota, the race for Paul Wellstone’s Senate seat is being closely watched – locally and nationally – and with good reason. Having been occupied by Norm Coleman (R) since Wellstone’s untimely death two weeks before election day in … Continue reading

Franken v. Coleman: Polls, Cash, Debates

According to a Quinnipiac poll taken last week, Al Franken (D) leads Norm Coleman (R) by 2% in the Minnesota race for U.S. Senate. Dean Barkley of the Independence Party trails Coleman by 18%.  In a poll of 1,000 likely voters, a 2% lead hardly represents “safe” territory for challenger Franken. However, considering that Coleman … Continue reading

Beaufort Books Rushes U.S. Release of The Jewel of Medina

With its UK release in suspended animation, The Jewel of Medina is being rushed to shelves in the United States by publisher Beaufort Books. The UK publishing house Gibson Square was set on fire last weekend, allegedly in opposition to its previously expected October release of Jewel. Martin Rynja of Gibson Square is currently under … Continue reading