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Author Beryl Singleton Bissell

My book club enjoyed The Scent of God immensely but we did have a few questions about the up-and-coming author, Beryl Singleton Bissell, and she was kind enough to offer some interesting answers. DR: What vestiges of your past with your husband Vittorio influence you the most today? BSB: Because Vittorio loved me, I learned … Continue reading

Balancing the National Budget: Could you do it?

Have you played Budget Hero™ yet?! After my first try, I managed to reduce the national debt from 37.7% of the GDP in 2008 to just 5.9% of the GDP in 2018. That equates to $7.1 billion in ten years. According to Budget Hero™, I’m a downsizer, debt is no match for me and my kids called to say thank you! Continue reading

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson: It just might be the last book you’ll ever need to read…

After reading The Gargoyle, my first thought was that nothing could possibly top it. After 44 years (I started early) of reading anything I could get my hands on, including Moby-Dick, reading Andrew Davidson’s debut novel made me feel as if I were done. The Gargoyle had it all – all I’d ever wanted or needed from a book. My … Continue reading

The Scent of God by Beryl Singleton Bissell

In this most eloquent memoir, Bissell debuts a fine literary talent that will not be forgotten and should not be missed. It is with beauty and grace that we are taken on the journey of a young girl who longs to become a nun and, more importantly, desires a real relationship with God through honest faith. … Continue reading

Al Franken Endorsed for US Senate by MN DFL

Long deemed the frontrunner, Al Franken received the Minnesota DFL’s endorsement via acclamation today when opponent Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer withdrew from the race at the convention in Rochester. The Progressive Professor, whose resume remains impressive, was likely a shade too far to the left to win over centrist democrats and independents in the upcoming battle against … Continue reading