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Mark Dayton (D), Tom Horner (IP) and Tom Emmer (T/R): Winners in the MN Gubernatorial Primary

Tom Horner (IP) and Tom Emmer (T/R) took immediate respective leads in Minnesota’s gubernatorial primary on August 10, 2010, and held fast. But the Democratic race was a bit more exciting. After establishing the initial lead, Spkr. Margaret Anderson-Kelliher slowly but surely gave way to the Iron Range strength of Mark Dayton who took the … Continue reading

The Great MN Governor’s Race: Primary Results (updated)

(For results of the 2010 Minnesota governor’s race, see here…) NOTES: 9:50 p.m.: Matt Entenza has conceded the race (reported by KARE-11 ). 9:57 p.m.: KSTP reports Tom Horner the IP winner and Tom Emmer the Republican winner. 11:30 p.m.: According to the Secretary of State, if there are 2,000 or fewer votes between Margaret … Continue reading

The Great MN Governor’s Race 2010: Tom Horner, the Independent Republican

Tom Horner is running for governor on Minnesota’s Independence Party ticket, but is he really just a better Republican than what the tea party has to offer? A native Minnesotan, Horner signed on to work for Dave Durenberger in 1978, and was his press secretary and chief of staff until 1985. U.S. Sen. Durenberger was … Continue reading

The Great MN Governor’s Race 2010: Tea Party / Republican Gubernatorial Candidates

Yes, there is more than one candidate running in Minnesota’s Republican Gubernatorial Primary. In fact, three Republicans are on the gubernatorial primary ticket in addition to tea partier Tom Emmer, who received the GOP endorsement earlier this year. Emmer became the most visible early on due, in part, to his controversial ties to an extremist … Continue reading

Minnesota’s DFL Primary Ticket

Minnesota’s DFL*  primary ticket is full of great incumbents who have received the DFL Party’s endorsement: REBECCA OTTO – State Auditor MARK RITCHIE – Secretary of State LORI SWANSON – Attorney General MARGARET ANDERSON-KELLLIHER- Governor (more on that race here) In addition to sample ballots and information on how to register to vote, the MN … Continue reading

The Great MN Governor’s Race 2010: Pre-Primary Roundup

August 10, 2010 is Primary Day in Minnesota and, although it is a mid-term election year, it’s an extremely important year to vote. With  two Democrats challenging the DFL-endorsed candidate for governor and the tea party doing its best to infiltrate the GOP, some voters are still looking for clarification. Running for governor on the … Continue reading