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POLITICS, The Great Minnesota Governor's Race 2010

The Great MN Governor’s Race: Primary Results (updated)

(For results of the 2010 Minnesota governor’s race, see here…)


9:50 p.m.: Matt Entenza has conceded the race (reported by KARE-11 ).

9:57 p.m.: KSTP reports Tom Horner the IP winner and Tom Emmer the Republican winner.

11:30 p.m.: According to the Secretary of State, if there are 2,000 or fewer votes between Margaret Anderson-Kelliher and Mark Dayton in the primary, an automatic primary recount will kick in. The State Canvassing Board is scheduled meet on August 17, 2010. With a critical general election for the Democrats this year already underway, however, a recount is probably not in the best interests of the Party and seems unlikely.

12:49 a.m.: AP declares Mark Dayton winner of the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

100% of precincts reporting:

Independence Party

Horner/Mulder  64.21% (11,393 votes)
Ratte/Lemaster  6.93%
Workcuff/Workcuff  4.62%
Uldrich/Willilams  9.97%
Hahn/Harens  14.26%

Republican Party

Savior/Anderson   3.37%
Davis/Soderberg   6.59%
Carney/McGaughey   7.56%
Emmer/Meeks   82.48% (107,542 votes)

Democratic Party

Anderson-Kelliher/Gunyou  39.77% (175,780 votes)
Idusogie/Fontaine   .71%
Entenza/Robinson   18.21%
Dayton/Solon   41.32% (182, 637 votes)


With 87.52% of precincts reporting, results are as follows:

Independence Party

Horner/Mulder  65.31%
Ratte/Lemaster  6.62%
Workcuff/Workcuff  4.47%
Uldrich/Willilams  9.48%
Hahn/Harens  14.11%

Republican Party

Savior/Anderson   3.33%
Davis/Soderberg   6.42%
Carney/McGaughey   7.38%
Emmer/Meeks   82.86%

Democratic Party

Anderson-Kelliher/Gunyou  40.51% (164,236 votes)
Idusogie/Fontaine   .68%
Entenza/Robinson   18.25%
Dayton/Solon   40.57% (164,481 votes)


For excellent play-by-play commentary, see MNProgressiveProject. (What a night for the Democrats!)

For incremental results throughout the evening, see here.

For more primary election results, see the MN Secretary of State’s website.


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