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Mark Dayton (D), Tom Horner (IP) and Tom Emmer (T/R): Winners in the MN Gubernatorial Primary

Tom Horner (IP) and Tom Emmer (T/R) took immediate respective leads in Minnesota’s gubernatorial primary on August 10, 2010, and held fast. But the Democratic race was a bit more exciting. After establishing the initial lead, Spkr. Margaret Anderson-Kelliher slowly but surely gave way to the Iron Range strength of Mark Dayton who took the lead when 90% of precincts had reported. As of 12:30 a.m. August 11, Dayton had 3,624 more votes than Anderson-Kelliher. (Update: with over 98% of precincts reporting, Dayton’s lead has grown to 5,866 votes.)

According to the MN Secretary of State, 2,000 or fewer votes between two candidates at the end of this race generates an automatic recount. In the case of over 2,000 a recount can still be requested, but it is likely that Anderson-Kelliher will concede due to the fact that less than three months remain before the general election November 2. Horner and Emmer are certainly mapping out strategy for the duration of the campaign season, and a recount by Democrats would be an incredible distraction. (Update: Margaret Anderson-Kelliher conceded this afternoon and offered Mark Dayton her full support.)

See: MN Secretary of State


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