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POLITICS, The Great Minnesota Governor's Race 2010

The Great MN Governor’s Race 2010: Tea Party / Republican Gubernatorial Candidates

Yes, there is more than one candidate running in Minnesota’s Republican Gubernatorial Primary. In fact, three Republicans are on the gubernatorial primary ticket in addition to tea partier Tom Emmer, who received the GOP endorsement earlier this year. Emmer became the most visible early on due, in part, to his controversial ties to an extremist group which advocates the execution of homosexuals, and his proposal to reduce the wages of waiters across the state, now being referred to as “Waitergate.”

Candidates on the Republican primary ticket this year are Leslie Davis (with Gregory Soderberg), Bob Carney, Jr. (with Bill McGaughey), and Ole Savior (with Todd Elvis Anderson).

  • Leslie Davis is an army veteran who currently produces and hosts a cable television show. He worked in sales and marketing for 20 years and is the founder of The Earth Protector® companies. Regarding education, Davis writes [we should] “make certain that students are properly placed in appropriate courses of study,” and  he supports “vocational, trade, charter, technical, trade, commercial, internet and home schools.” Regarding jobs, he favors the “[acceleration of] TRANSPORTATION and ENERGY systems thus creating hundreds of thousands of jobs quickly in cost effective shovel ready and ready to go projects throughout our state.” His budget plan is titled “The Davis Money Plan.” He says the plan “allows our money supply to increase with productivity gains”  although he doesn’t say how. He supports a reduction in taxes.
  • Citing the Republican Primary as a referendum on Tom Emmer, Bob Carney, Jr. has named six “reasonable alternatives” to Emmer  including Marty Seifert and Jim Ramstad, among others. Carney announced that if he wins the GOP Primary himself, he would withdraw from the general election if any of the six named alternatives are nominated during a reconvened convention and they agree to unallotment limits. Serious about his bid for Governor, his main goal appears to be offering mainstream Republicans the opportunity to “take back our ballot.”
  • Ole Savior is a frequent candidate whose current platform supports a balanced budget, a year-round state fair, a new Vikings stadium funded through a racino at Canterbury Downs, and the repayment to Americans of “over-charges of billions of dollars” from the top ten oil companies.

Offering mainstream Republicans a non-GOP ticket alternative to the tea party candidate Tom Emmer are experienced Democratic candidates plus Independence Party candidates Tom Horner (formerly with the Republican Party) and Rob Hahn. Please read more about them here.


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