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The Great Minnesota Governor’s Race 2010: Endorsed (and Other) Candidates

Last weekend the Minnesota DFL Party endorsed Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson-Kelliher for governor. Her running mate will be endorsed on May 23, 2010 at the DFL State Central Committee meeting. Although former Sen. Mark Dayton and former Rep. Matt Entenza will run against Anderson-Kelliher in the democratic primary on August 10, the DFL-endorsed candidate historically survives the primary. Exceptions since 1944 include then-incumbent Rudy Perpich’s win over DFL-endorsed Warren Spannaus in 1982 and Skip Humphrey’s primary success over DFL-endorsed candidate Mike Freeman in 1988. During the same time period, there has only been one election in which democrats did not hold a primary. (Source: David Weinlick-DFL for Politics in Minnesota)

The republicans endorsed Sarah Palin/Tea Party Favorite Tom Emmer for governor and his running mate, Annette Meeks, for lieutenant governor earlier today. Despite garnering less than 5% of the first ballot for endorsement at today’s GOP convention, republican activist Leslie Davis intends to stay in the race.

The Independence Party will hold its endorsing convention on May 8. Candidates vying for the endorsement include publisher (The Midwest Wine Connection and Minnesota Prep Sports) Rob Hahn, Republican pundit Tom Horner, and former U.S. Marine and Prudential Insurance employee John Uldrich. Recent straw poll results give Horner the lead with 50% of the vote.


One thought on “The Great Minnesota Governor’s Race 2010: Endorsed (and Other) Candidates

  1. democrats win governor.maybe landslide win

    Posted by roger zemke | 18 June, 2010, 11:28 am

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