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POLITICS, The Great Minnesota Governor's Race 2010

Minnesota State DFL Convention, April 24, 2010 – Gubernatorial Endorsement

After a fairly organized event for Minnesota’s DFL yesterday, thanks to Chair Brian Melendez and Associate Chair Donna Cassutt, the party will be endorsing a candidate for Minnesota’s gubernatorial race today. Rumor has it Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak may hold a slight lead over MN Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson-Kelliher with Rep. Paul Thissen in third place. It’s expected that Rep. Tom Rukavina and Sen. John Marty will split about 10% of the total delegate vote. But this is politics – and anything can happen.

Watch for updates throughout the day — and evening — and follow the live blog at gather.com.

After a 60-minute Q and A period, the floor was frozen and the doors were shut. The first round of voting began with an updated credentials report (1,288 delegates and 60 upgraded alternates, meaning 809 votes are needed to secure the endorsement).

Round 1: 1,352.5 votes cast

Margaret Anderson-Kelliher 365.5 votes (27%)
RT Rybak 294 votes (21.7%)
Paul Thissen 254.5 votes (18.8%)
Tom Rukavina 249.5 votes (18.4%)
John Marty 175.5 votes (13%)
No Endorsement 6.5 votes (.5%)
Matt Entenza 3.5 votes (3%)
Peter Idusogie 3 votes (.3%)
Ole Savior 0 votes (0%)

Round 2: 1,356 votes cast

Margaret Anderson-Kelliher 377.5 / 27.8%
RT Rybak  332 / 24.5%
Paul Thissen 270 / 19.9%
Tom Rukavina 238 / 17.6%
John Marty 136 / 10%

Sen. John Marty has just conceded.

Round 3: 1,351 votes cast

Margaret Anderson-Kelliher 414.5 / 30.7%
RT Rybak 370 / 27.4%
Paul Thissen 295 / 21.8%
Tom Rukavina 269 / 19.9%
No endorsement 2.5 / 0.2%

Round 4: 1,332.5 votes cast (60% required to endorse)

Margaret Anderson-Kelliher 437 / 32.8%
RT Rybak 380.5 / 28.6%
Paul Thissen 285 / 21.4%
Tom Rukavina 226 / 17%
No endorsement 4 / 0.3%

Rep. Tom Rukavina conceded just after 8:30 p.m. and asked his delegates to cast their votes for Margaret Anderson-Kelliher in Round 5.

Nominations Committee Chairs Jeannie Thomas and Bill Usher announced the nominees for state directors. The female nominees are: Nimco Ahmed, Mary Merrill Anderson, Ann Friedrich, Jeanette Martimo, Cheryl Polling, Shivanthi Sathanandan, Katherine Speer, and Vicki Wright. Male nominees are: Wes Gadsen, Del Jenkins, Eric Margolis, Eric Nelson, Dan McConnell, Bob Peterson, Mike Rothman and Tim Velde.

David Lillehaug moved for a 25-minute recess to allow groups such as reNew MN to meet before the next round of voting. He said the motion had been approved by the three remaining campaigns (Kelliher, Rybak and Thissen). The motion was argued, then passed.

After the recess, Sen. John Marty addressed the room offering support for Margaret Anderson-Kelliher citing a personal commitment he received from her. Ballot results from the fifth round of voting were announced.

Round 5: 1,344 votes cast (807 required for endorsement; 20% required to stay in the race)

Margaret Anderson-Kelliher 630.5 / 46.9%
RT Rybak: 434 / 32.3%
Paul Thissen: 269.5 / 20.1%
No endorsement: 9 / 0.7%
There was 1 spoiled ballot.

Rep. Paul Thissen addressed the group at 10:02 p.m. He thanked everyone and conceded the race. The floor was frozen for another round of voting.

Round 6: Unofficial results were Anderson-Kelliher 56% and Rybak 43%.

At 11:09, Mayor Rybak took the stage and conceded the race, calling on candidates Matt Entenza, Susan Gaertner and Mark Dayton to do the same. Anderson-Kelliher was endorsed by acclimation.

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