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POLITICS, The Great Minnesota Governor's Race 2010

Minnesota State DFL Convention, April 23, 2010

DFL Convention, Duluth, Minnesota

Having completed housekeeping issues such as how to upgrade and seat alternate delegates, appointing convention officers, hearing opening statements, pledging allegiance, etc., DFL delegates (977 actual at third count) addressed the party platform, heard arguments regarding resolutions and listened to rousing speeches by congressional candidates Dan Powers (CD2), Jim Meffert (CD3) and Tarry Clark (CD6).

Endorsements for attorney general, state auditor and secretary of state were granted by acclimation to Lori Swanson, Rebecca Otto and Mark Ritchie, respectively. As all three are incumbents, no challenges were expected or made.

The party is scheduled to endorse a gubernatorial candidate Saturday, April 24 and the top three candidates appear to be R. T. Rybak, Margaret Anderson-Kelliher and Paul Thissen (not necessarily in that order), but John Marty and Tom Rukavina are working hard. Also in attendance is Ramsey County Attorney / gubernatorial candidate Susan Gaertner although, like former Sen. Mark Dayton and former Rep. Matt Entenza, she intends to run in the primary and does not expect to be endorsed.

Delegates who support Dayton, Gaertner and Entenza may vote “no endorsement” on their ballot, but it is expected that one of the other candidates will receive the official endorsement of the DFL by the end of the convention. Energy is high as campaigns and supporters work the floor, but the real action will take place tomorrow.

See MN Progressive Project or The Uptake for more live coverage.


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