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Minnesota CD3: The DFL Endorses Jim Meffert

After six rounds of voting with Jim Meffert poised to grab a definitive lead, Maureen Hackett asked the delegation to unanimously endorse Meffert by acclimation. The motion was made, carried and Jim Meffert was endorsed by the DFL to run against incumbent Rep. Erik Paulsen in Minnesota’s third district.

It was a close race with Meffert holding a lead shy of the required 60% in each round of voting. The vote split as follows:

Round 1: Meffert 52.7% / Hackett 46.6%

Round 2: Meffert 55.3% / Hackett 44.7%

Round 3: Meffert 55.6% / Hackett 44.4%

Round 4: Meffert 54.6% / Hackett 45.4%

Round 5: Meffert 55.3% / Hackett 44%

Round 6: Meffert 59.1% / Hackett 40.9%

After Round 5, Hackett supporters circulated a negative piece which likened Meffert to Erik Paulsen. There was also a completely unsubstantiated rumor being floated against Jim which didn’t sit well with many delegates, regardless of which candidate they supported. Shortly after that, a note in Meffert’s favor (“Only one of us has a record of fighting to improve our schools and strengthen parent involvement…”) hit the floor. It was after these shenanigans and just before Round 6 that  both candidates were  given two minutes to address the room. Hackett desperately tried to set herself apart, citing her ability to beat Paulsen because she was a “mom” (among some better arguments). Meffert used his two minutes to appeal to those who circulated the negative piece to not act divisively. He reminded the delegates that “Democrats don’t do that.” His passion in addressing the “attacks” offered a look at his ability to respond to what will surely be worse coming from the Paulsen campaign. Round 6 then increased Jim’s lead bringing him just two votes away from victory. With the writing on the wall and seeming weary, Hackett gave a good-natured concession speech telling delegates to get behind Meffert and telling Meffert that she “has his back.”

The Hackett campaign wasted no time in issuing a sincere thank you via email urging her own delegates to stand and work with Jim Meffert, as she will, to beat Erik Paulsen and “move our state and country forward.”


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