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Franken v. Coleman, POLITICS

Franken Wins Again; Coleman Concedes

Diana_and_Al[1]The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled today that Al Franken is the rightful, legal winner of Minnesota’s US Senate race. Just minutes ago, Norm Coleman made a statement congratulating Sen. Franken, acknowledging that continued lawsuits would only hurt Minnesota. Rumors on the street in Washington DC had earlier suggested that Coleman would have the support of Republicans in the US Senate if he chose to take his fight [even] further. But Coleman said he will not appeal.

Last year, Coleman contested the results of the automatically generated recount of the initial race but Franken’s lead only increased. He then filed a lawsuit but failed to prove either wrongdoing or the disenfranchisement of Minnesota voters. Much to the chagrin of underrepresented Minnesotans all across the state, Coleman then took his case to the Minnesota Supreme Court – which has now ruled unanimously in Franken’s favor.

The next and last step is for Gov. Pawlenty to go forward with signing the election certificate. Given the expectation that Pawlenty will run for president in 2012, it is likely that he will sign the certificate very soon in an effort to put this highly publicized race behind him.

Franken’s Democratic colleague, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, told MSNBC this afternoon that first, she congratulates Sen. Franken on a hard-fought, well-earned race and secondly, she respects Norm Coleman for making what had to have been a difficult decision to concede but that it was the right thing to do for the people of Minnesota.



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