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Franken v. Coleman, POLITICS

Franken V. Coleman: Just the Facts

Employee Free Choice Act (“EFCA”): Franken supports the EFCA because its passage would preserve employees’ ability to form unions. Coleman opposes the EFCA.

Union members support the EFCA. Michael Whitney, SEIU member and organizer, recently wrote: “The point of contention for CEOs looking to protect themselves in Coleman’s second term is the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill supported by Franken and opposed by Coleman that would make it easier for people to form or join unions to fight for better wages & benefits at work...the reason CEOs are throwing cash at Coleman is because they are afraid that Minnesota’s working people would be able to have “more of a chance” to form unions, earn better wages and benefits, and rebuild Minnesota’s middle class…”

Minnesota CEO’s and largest corporations oppose the EFCA (and workers’ right to organize), and they support Coleman.

“The Republican incumbent has drawn far more financial support from local executives than Democratic challenger Al Franken has…CEOs from the state’s 50 largest public and 50 largest private companies combined to donate more than $100,000 to Coleman and not a penny to Franken. Business political action committees (PACs) also overwhelmingly supported Coleman. These groups gave $2.5 million to Coleman and just $15,000 to Franken.”

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