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Among the Cannibals by Paul Raffaele

Perhaps not for the overly squeamish, Paul Raffaele’s book, Among the Cannibals, is sure to entice readers seeking an interesting travel narrative. Raffaele’s treatise on cannibalism is, in part, an evidential response to William Arens’ 1980 book “The Man-Eating Myth,” but also a lively, entertaining travelogue. While Arens claims that cannibalism is a myth borne of prejudice, Paul Raffaele, a writer for the Smithsonian Magazine, goes the distance in making the case that cannibalism did – and does – exist in some cultures.

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2 thoughts on “Among the Cannibals by Paul Raffaele

  1. Paul Raffaele is a cultural imperalist. Who presumes to judge how those who live lives untouched by the polluting west. How many cultures and people have been anihilated by western christian intervention, how much language, song and tradition has been lost?

    We need to get rid of that judgement and condemnation. We need to stop applying our rules to those who don’t prescribe to that philosophy. We need to stop forcing others to live the crappy lives we do.

    Paul Raffaele is dangerous to all that is natural in the world. Paul Raffaele does NOT have the right to judge and condemn that he does not understand and feed it to a gullible audience who will never meet those he writes about.

    Paul Raffaele is more dangerous than a thousand tractors, wood mills and petrochemical plants combined.

    Posted by Allie | 4 September, 2011, 5:16 am

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